In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
May the best prayers, and most abundant peace be upon Prophet Muhammad,
and upon all of his family and companions.

As a religious institution, The Light of the Age Masjid seeks to embody the universal tenets of Al-Islam as exemplified by all of the Prophets and messengers-including Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (Peace be Upon them All). We further believe that the Prophetic model provides us with a standard for human conduct that liberates the soul while giving us refuge against the spiritual and social ills that affect us all.


We are currently raising funds to purchase the "Light of the Age" Masjid.
We are offering the gifts described below as a thank you.
It's our way of introducing some of the work we do, and of offering some perspective into the community you are supporting.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Our website is growing and under construction. Please check back soon.

Donations of $25 or more
recieve a free copy of Tariq Al Janna
(The Path to Paradise)
Translated by Shaykh Muhammad Shareef

Donations of $100 or more
recieve Tariq Al Janna and
a free copy of New Muslim Cool

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