The "Light of the Age Masjid" was founded in August 2004 as a religious and educational institution for the sole purpose of preserving Islamic scholarship and spiritual practices. Over the past five years the masjid has helped facilitate the needs of the Muslim community within, and, outside the city of Pittsburgh, Pa. through the establishment of daily and congregational prayers, Islamic studies circles, and the maintenance of the "Sankore public research library". Members of the masjid have also been involved in ongoing projects, both locally and nationally, whose aim is to develop sustainable communities through social outreach, coalition building, civic engagement, and the arts.


The Light of the age Masjid takes its name from the great West African Islamic reformer of the 19th century, Shehu Uthan Dan Fodio, whose erudition, piety and charisma, lead to a complete revival of the Islamic sciences and Arabic literacy through out the continent of Africa. Shehu Uthman dan Fodio, and the scholarly community he cultivated, were so successful in positively transforming the cultural landscape of the region, that it led his contemporaries and successors to declare him "Nur 'az-Zamaaan" or "The light of the age", due to the continuum of blessings that flowed from his teachings.

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